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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by fostertussin26, Sep 23, 2009.

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    i take care of 4 diamonds at the high school i work for. they are very picky about how all their fields look whether that sport is in season or not. it seems like no matter how much i spray and drag these warning tracks the weeds are always back within a week or two. what kind of stuff are you guys using to kill and keep the weeds out of your warning tracks.
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    Some use Prodeuce (glyphosate + Prodiamine). I don't like using them pre-mixed even though I sometimes mix the two I use. I use Pre-M (Pendamethalin) and gly when I need it. Spraying the Pre-M approximately every 60-70 days should keep them clean once you are on top of it. Probably 4 times a year for where you are from early March to early November. Warning tracks are tough. They tend to not get worked up often enough. Try to blow clippings away from them. The stain from Pre-M goes away in two days or less btw.

    It's good that your school wants them looking good year round. Many do not.
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    yeah we use "quick pro" weed killer that we get from one of our suppliers, its one of the ones that you mix with water and put in a sprayer. it kills the existing weeds quickly and thoroughly, but does nothing to keep them out. these diamonds we have here would stay pristine if our supervisor would just let me finish them and keep them up. he just wants to get all the weeds out and mow them, then wait a month to get back on them. by that time they are already out of control again.
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    We use glypshosate (usually the quickpro) mixed with dimension 2EW. Works well for us without the staining of pre-m and a lower odor as well.

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