Warped deck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnprosteveo, Jul 10, 2005.

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    I have a Toro 36" walkbehind. It is 3yrs old (dont know the hours exactly...but I mow 45 yards per week). Anyway, my question..

    How do you know if your deck is warped/bent? The cut is uneven...looks like a wide mohawk. I have had the dealer try to level the deck, mess with the air pressure, check the spindles, everything. Still not fixing the problem.

    Should I punt and replace the deck or even the mower? Any help is appreciated.
  2. OnMyOwn

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    My first thought was air pressure in the tires. My second thought is that I had an old gear drive Snapper years ago. For some strange reason, it came from the factory with offset spindles. One of the three required a 3/8" spacer above the blade, more than the others. Is this a possibility for your mower? Lastly, I might try a set of dealer / original blades.
  3. TClawn

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    check the height of each of the blade tips, if they are the same height off the ground, then take it from there.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yup, then you can see that you have currently. Beyond that, I can help your further with diagnosis and I have been able to positively ID a few that did have warped decks.

    So line each blade up front to back like so ( l / ) and then so ( \ l ).
    While you have a blade lined up straight fron to back....
    Get the measurements from the front tip and the back tip.
    Write it down.
    Spin the blade half a turn, measure and record the measurements again.

    Repeat at the next blade.
    Then post your numbers.

    Also, I would need to know if this is a stamped deck? SFS deck?
  5. topsites

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    If it is a fixed deck, check the washer placement on your blade-bolts and make sure all 3 are identical.

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