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  1. RedMaxrules

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    This is my second year in business and I had a client ask me a really good question. Do I offer any kind of a warranty with shrub installation. I hadn't thought of it before. Do any of you offer a warranty on shrub work be it labor or material and if you do how long do you warranty for?
  2. Rich's LS

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    I offer 6 month on everything. If I get it from a good nursery I have them give me a 6 month warranty and that generally covers it unless you have watering issue's.
  3. B&D Lawn Care

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    Same for me.
  4. alwaysgreener

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    We do a 2 year warranty and mark it up to cover labor and a new item. Most companies do a one year warranty and mark it up as well but for us when you sell a landscape install and they see it's a 2 year warranty the contract is pretty much signed.. Now the warranty does not cover acts of god or if customer has neglected the plants. The best thing we ever did is to start a small nursery on site so you have product readily available to go if something does fail but it is very rear. Most plants are established with in the year of installing so it is a win win for us.. It's all about prep work before you install a plant..
  5. Doug Z.

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    I offer a 1 year warranty on trees and shrubs. Roses and ornametal shrubs only till the first frost. perrenials none at all. Labor charge is extra on all. Like it was said before, I mark up the price of the shrub to cover the cost. Neglect and acts of god are also not covered. This year, I put in warranties on paver work, and retaining walls.
  6. CAG

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    I usually offer 1 year warranty because thats what the nursery offers.. i also use a broker for the big jobs and he offers a two year.. their is also one supplier that told me the other day he will guarantee all the plants i get from him for three years!! which is pretty impressive, but who knows if he will really stand behind it or he just trying to get more of my biz.. as far as the customers go I don't think its wise to express any warranty info to them if they don't ask. If they ask tell them you just past the warranty offered from your supplier on to them.. don't worry about the labor if its a matter of a couple shrubs it wont take long..

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