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  1. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Whats a typical warranty cover, and how many years?
  2. HBFOXJr

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    I do 2 yr parts and labor on installs covering materials and installation workmanship and 1 yr on repairs/svc work.
  3. greenworldh20

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    depends...we sell 3 different systems: good, better and best.

    good system has one year warranty; better system has two year warranty; best system has a five year warranty.

    all warranties cover labor and material. warranties cover all 'normal' wear and tear. it does not cover driving a ten wheel dump truck in your back yard and over the rotor heads to dump topsoil in your new kidney shaped planting bed.

    it also does not cover the timer when you are re-wiring your home and you connect the wrong wires and burn out your timer.

    and if you install a pool...with all those trucks driving over the lines and the excavator digging the hole and the paving stone contractor installing the pation with no conduits under the walks....

    these are all examples of customers wanting the system warrantied....can you believe that?

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