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    i have a 2003 metro hp 48" 15 kaw and a 2003 lazer z 23 koh.

    i remember about the 1-2-3 year warranty, but cant remember what all is covered, could you please remind me.

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    Here ya go. I pasted this right from our warrany policy

    Conditions and Products Covered
    Exmark Mfg. Co. Inc. and its affiliate, Exmark Warranty Company, pursuant to an agreement between them, jointly warrant on the terms and conditions herein, that we will repair, replace or adjust any part manufactured by Exmark and found by us (in the exercise of our reasonable discretion) to be defective in factory materials or workmanship.
    This warranty applies to Exmark turf equipment sold in the US or Canada. This warranty may only be assigned or transferred to a second (or third) owner by an authorized Exmark dealer. The warranty period commences upon the date of the original retail purchase.
    Products Warranty Period
    •All Products (except as noted below) 1 year
    (90 days for rental use)
    •Peerless 5-speed transmission 1 year
    (extended beyond manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days)
    •Frame, Hydrostatic Traction System, Electric Clutch and Exmark supplied Mufflers 2 years
    •Blade Spindle Assy and Deck Jackshaft Assy 3 years (1 year parts and labor, with additional 2 years parts only)
    •Belts and Tires 90 days
    •Battery Refer to the battery manufacturer’s
    warranty in the literature packet
    •Engine* Warranty is covered by engine manufacturer
    *Please refer to the engine manufacturer’s warranty statement that is included in the literature packet. We are not authorized to handle warranty adjustments on engines.
    This warranty only includes the cost of parts and labor.

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