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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by HLM86, Jun 23, 2008.

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    Anyone have anything about the warranty they offer that they wouldn't mind sharing? We offer a 2 year warranty on parts and labor for our systems. (I don't have anything in writing because I purchased the biz from my old boss and he just always told the customer they had a 2 year warranty. I'd rather give it to them typed.) Thanks for any help.
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    i think you can find templates for that by searching Google.i think MS office has them also.
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    You better up date the paperwork . Our estimate is also the contract , 4 copy that covers just about everything from warranty , binding arbitration, and limits of liability. property lines and customer burried utilities.
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    Better you guarantee your work, rather than warranty it.
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    Don't need no stinking paper for lifetime. :)
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    What's the difference?




    From englishforums.com:

    From AskOxford.com


    • noun: (pl. warranties) 1 a written guarantee promising to repair or replace an article if necessary within a specified period.


    • noun: 1 a formal assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be of a specified quality.

    'Warranty' has a time limit, e.g. for 12 months... and may be extendable to 24, 36 or 48 months for example.

    'Guarantee' is to a standard of quality and is not time bound... and is non-extendable.

    However, we are all familiar with 'Lifetime Guarantee' claims by manufacturers... which of course are non-extendable by their very definition...​
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    You say tomayto, I say potahto... Do it right the first time, you don't have to worry about coming back...:weightlifter:
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