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    Exactly how hardnosed is Hustler about this "must register your warranty within 10 days from date of purchase" and "date of purchase constitutes delivery" business? I have a couple of issue with this:
    #1) I didn't even think it was legal anymore to force that. There at least seems to be a prevailing notion these days that warrantly rights aren't conditional on registration, especially within a tight deadline.
    #2) What happens when things are backordered? Suppose it's been more than 10 days since I ordered a bagger kit, and the warranty form is buried in the box somewhere... or maybe I live far away from my dealer, so as soon as I get the kit I'm supposed to break my neck getting the form back to him?

    I realize in most cases the dealer registers the machine electronically, but that doesn't always apply 100% of the time to attachments, especially if ordered separately/later. Please tell me Hustler isn't this uptight about it.
  2. DiezNutz

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    Uhhh... fellas? ;)
    PJ ?
    Anybody ?
    Thanks in advance :help:
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    I have been traveling, sorry for the delay.
    The warranty starts from the date of delivery.
    There are so many legal aspects in a warranty statement you need to read it in detail.
    If there are circumstances you are concerned with you need to contact our warranty administration people, I am sure they can explain it and work with you on it.
    You can e-mail me and I will forward it to who needs it if you need to talk to them about this.
    I am certainly not the person who handles this or makes the decisions.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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