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Warranty repairs&demo


LawnSite Senior Member
when i got my dane chairiot in march.the brake cable was
broke. took it back to dealer. 6 weeks later ask for demo.
they said they dont lend mowers out any more.
sales man told me they do when i bought it.

got mower back with a bill after 7wks for over $5oo.00
parts & labor total amount due $0.oo bake cable 1 new hub
brakes &head gasket. mower ran great. i didnt see any thing
that would make me think that they put gasket on it. bolts
didnt look touched. hubs looked the same from what i see
i just got new cable and 5 new lug nuts
got 60 inch dane chairiot 25hp koler
paid $4995 + tax was a demo 24 hours on it

did they send bill to great dane? or did they
do this to justafy theme having it 7 weeks?

what do you all think?

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LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Probably both! It would have been interesting if a Great Dane rep could have looked at it. They would probably frown on the idea of being scammed. I'm blessed to have our dealer Atherton Road Sales here. ( info@athertonroad.com ) They always follow through with what they say, have impeccable service, and always have 4 or 5 demos on hand. I was told years ago, when I bought a mower from them, that if they didn't have a demo available, they'd pull one off the floor. It's polcies like this that has gained them the significant reputation they have today. Thanks again, J.W..

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LawnSite Senior Member
thank u runner
dane rep wished i had thought of that then.you said they
would frown .you should have seen me frown when i was
told they dont lend mowers out no more .all i kept thinking
was i would have been screwed if i would have started
bisness then (advertizing , customers , dreams , misc cost)
i would have lost it all.


LawnSite Senior Member
I demoed the 60" Dane it ran nice but the dealer told me if i was to break down in the field. I would have to bring the mower to his shop. Turned me off big time.


LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
They probally used your serial numbers to pay for an older model's repairs that had no warrranty left. I once had a Yardman mower and when I traded it to a different dealer that I bought it from he looked up the warranty history on it and it had two transmissions listed that were never even used on it. He said that this happens quite often. He said that some dealers bill the customer who has the out of date mower and they also bill the manufacturer.


LawnSite Senior Member
I dont know your dealer but it sounds fishy to me.

I bought a 61" dane last spring, also a demo, for several dollars more then that. You got a great deal! The only problems I have had were a diod in the operater presence control went out had to take it to the dealer, and a car jumped the curb at me and running away I hit a metal pipe in the ground and broke a spindle MY FAULT but it was covered on warrenty "bad casting" they called it. I couldnt be happier.
My dealer is great If I bring mine in its next in line.


LawnSite Senior Member
Chiefland, FL.
sounds like the dealer is doin' the distributor. I have demos available also, if not, you get a new one. That is all part of being in business. If the you make no money, neither do i. i even try to repair onsite if possible. i would look for the next closest dealer when it's out of warranty or he may try to do you!