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    I have heard and keep hearing all of these good things about the Quick 36... which is why i am sp tempted to buy one... BUT .... how does the warranty work? I am able to take my mower to my local dealer and he will fix it for me??? What do i do? I had once bought a mower from Home Depot and they told em to take it to the local shops and the warranty would cover it but i ran into a line of problems... Can Anyone explain this to me???
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    well.....actually they are very easy to service and parts are readily available from Better Outdoor Products. Any one in the small engine service business can work on them if you can't. They are very highly rated here and I can see why. I love mine. From my standpoint, service is not an issue at all. Just maintain it yourself and should not need any repair for a while to come. Later Ya'll. Cracker

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