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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Firefighter Dave, Jul 20, 2002.

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    I found out yesterday while shopping for a Metro HP 48" Belt Drive that if I use a Sulky that the warrenty will not cover the transmission. IS THIS TRUE?

    Not that it's going to be a problem now.. I am going to go with a Turf Tracer HP KAW 17 with ECS, much better machine. The sales person (Dave @ Atherton Service and Sales) was great, spent the time with me going over the differances and made me try both to see that I DON't want to go with a belt drive. Now I don't know why anyone would go with a belt drive? Why do you even make them.... <grin>

    What else to I need to know that will viod any warranty's.


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    Man, I find it really hard to believe that a sulky would void the warranty, as Exmarks makes and sells a sulky for their w/b's theirselves. Dave is usually right about these things, but their have been a FEW things that I've "informed" him of, himself, that he had no idea they did or didn't do. If you bought from Atherton Rd, you surely didn't go wrong, because they have the best aftersale care of any dealer in the state. That is what sold me on my first mower from them. If you take your machine in to them, they work on it while you wait. If it's going to be awhile, they ALWAYS give you a demo. They have seveal if them, including several Lazers that they loan out. They told me before that if by some weird circumstance, and all their demos happened to be out, (not too likely to happen), that they will pull a machine from the floor. These guys are awesome. They've gone out of their way on more than one occasion for me.
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    Now you've gone and done it. You want me to tell you that one of our largest and oldest dealers just gave you the inaccurate information. You sure know how to make a guy feel shaky about job security.

    Does using a riding attachment void the warranty? No it does not. Will it cause more stress to the transmission? It can, especially to the shifter keys if the operator is shifting on the go. Unfortunately most operators do shift on the go with out clutching the drive levers which will cause the shifter keys to wear sooner or later. As an example there’s nothing wrong with using the Exmark sulky on the Metro or Metro HP. It work just fine but your going to like the hydro much better.

    Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. If the shifter keys wear out in 24 months, 12 months, or 6 months it is extremely unlikely that they were defective. It is however very likely that the operator is shifting on the go which is not covered under warranty whether they were using a riding attachment or not.

    I'm guessing that Dave's been around the block at least a couple of times. He's smart enough to know that you’re going to like the hydro much better if you’re going to use a riding attachment. His comment on the warranty although not precisely correct it is the way most operators would perceive it if the shifter keys failed and they had to pay for it.

    I'm sure that's just about as clear as mud. I've now told you that the salesman for one of our largest and oldest dealers was not totally accurate although he did help you make a much wiser and better decision. He, his employer as well as my employer are now free to read this at their leisure. Thanks Dave, I appreciate it.

  4. Firefighter Dave

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    Not that I would hold that against him at all... just seemed wierd. But I know I will buy the Hydro from him... and I am sure more of the other toys too.... he was very good and very informative....


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