Was I overcharging?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jay Ray, May 9, 2004.

  1. mjoaaa

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    If you felt the price was right from the get go, then it was. Remember they other guy was to low, whether lazy or didn't have the tools. It would have taken more time then they other guy who did it wrong, so of course more is in order.

    Remember your ABC's (Always Be Closing). Example: Mrs. Smith you stated that you have never been satisified with the job done by other companies on your edging correct? (Now your doing 2 things letting the customer know your listening to there concerns and taking a lead in the conversation) Mrs. Smith how many companies have you paid $60.00 to do the edging? (lets say 2) Mrs. Smith you have already paid $120.00 and not been satisifed. Based on my demonstration would this satisfy your goals and needs? (yes) then lets work together as a team and get your lawn looking better, ok? (Well price is to high) I understand your concern about the price, but overall my price is $30 less than what you have already spent and will meet your satisifaction. Why don't we go ahead and get this scheduled up for you so you won't be disappointed anymore!

    FACT: Most clients will say no 5 times before saying yes.
  2. sgtyork

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    I agree...don't do what I did when I taught music in homes.
    let people cancel and was afraid to charge a fair price
    now I see businesses growing, doing the same thing I did, charging 30-40% more!
    Be a fair and good businessman, don't cheat yourself & your
    (Obviously, I'm no longer in music!)
  3. sgtyork

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    right mjoaaa...you gotta be a salesman..and a closer 1st !!

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Trim shrubs and bushes each week? Why? From the sound of this job it seems like this lady has some unobtainable expectations. I dont know the job but $90 seems LOW, not high. If it were me, I would run away-run far away.
  5. Jay Ray

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    Trim shrubs and hedges every week because the last guy did and she wants it done that way I reckon. Thanks for the input everyone. This kind of thing makes you appreciate your good customers. I'm not there, but think that with experience a sense can be develped that gives a warning to run far away.
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I think your price was very fair, at least 125-135 would have been fairer. Dont ever let anyone try to pull sh@t like that on you. Ive been in bsiness for 6+ years and Ive made every screw up you can make. I let customers talk me dowm my first year but NEVER again! I like these kind of folks, where is her 60 dollar man at? He aint there is he? Run, dont walk away from these pita and I promise she would be one. Also if she called back in future and offered to pay your price I would still refuse or add in a pita factor. Believe me you done well not backing down.


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