Was I wrong not to work today?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Clapper&Company, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Clapper&Company

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    To bring you up-to-date:

    Were working on a larger hardscape job, with a few Walls, pavers and other stone work. most of this is at the back of a house and on a hill.

    We have been working here for two weeks every day but the 4th-6th and the sunday before that. We put it 8-10 hour days.

    Well anyhow, it started raining last night about 4pm as we were waping up, and it stoped today about noon.

    Since its mostly clay there, and were omost done with the job, I made the call not to work there today, due to rain and mud. When ever its all muddy, me end up pulling the dingo around with the Mini X it gets stuck on the hill.

    The homeowner called me today at 10am to find out why we wasnt there, and I told him that since it was raining, it would slow us down big time, so we might be there mid-day if it drys up but would most likely be there in the morning so it had a chance to dry out some, and we would just work longer tomrrow.

    He called me 3 more times after that to find out what was going on!

    Sorry for the Vent LOL
  2. born2farm

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    I think you did the right thing. The customer should of understood if your were having to tow the dingo around all day it would waste more fuel, be more dangerous and more likely to tear up there property but thats just my view on it
  3. Clapper&Company

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    from NE Ohio
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    Thats what I was thinking and a wast of man hours
  4. Jb3NH

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    Of course you were right.
  5. hole in one lco

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    thats the problem they dont get it. i terned down a 75,000 landscape job last year cause the guy called me 6 times in one day asking for the drawing. so i said 2 my self whats this guy going 2 be like when he gives me the half down 2 start the job
  6. Az Gardener

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    No you were not wrong to call off today. From your description you have been working at an acceptable pace.
  7. Impressions Landscaping

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    I think a lot of problem with some customers(especially in this area because our season is so short) is that they think that they are the only customer that you have and want the work done yesterday even though you tell them you'll start tomorrow. I do understand you need to work with a customer individually, but they too need to understand that you do have other work going on at the same time, whether it be mowing or small jobs as well as his large job. Depending on the job, I let the customer know that if its raining or excessively wet I will not be showing up because more damage will be done than anything else. Also I let them know, especially on projects that are more than a week long, that I do have a mowing schedule that I do need to stick to, and that I will focus as much of my attention on their job, but there will be days here and there that I will need to miss due to previous obligations that were arranged with other customers months ago. I do let them know when I will be back, which typically isn't more than a day and a half. This is what I typically tell customers so there's no surprises if I don't show up for a day here or there. But obviously a PITA customer does come around every so often and disregards everything you tell them....so I do know how that goes as well.
  8. cpel2004

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    No you were correct, however it should have been discussed prior to the customer calling you. Keep in mind, you never know their past experinces with contractors not showing up.
  9. Isobel

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    definitely right. you are the best person to know when to work, and when its just a wash for the day.

    some clients understand easily, some need their hand held at every step. I'm sure he'll be pleased at the end of everything. hang in there. =)
  10. White Gardens

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    Usually when I have a problem like this, I tell the customer that I can come and work in the muck and add 1000 to their final bill because of the extra time it would take to work in the muck. Then I tell them there will be another 1000 added on to the repair of the yard from the machines tearing it up.

    95% of the time it drives the point home and they get it. Unfortunatly you have the 5% that have enough money not to care about the extra cost.

    You have every right not to go to a job site, that's your call.

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