Was my price too high??

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by McG_Landscaping, Apr 3, 2011.

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    So i have done landscaping and mowing and admit have been on the low side with my prices for a few years just trying to get work and build my company, but more recently I have been charging what I should. I do good quality work and try not to cut corners. My neighbor came to me and asked me to do a job for him and he told me he would give me $400 to do it. At first it didnt sound too bad until I started to sit down and price stuff out.

    This is what he wanted:
    - 9 foot round patio (didnt care about the stone)
    - Walkway to the patio with the same material (~10 feet)
    - Reseeding his yard all around this new patio and where his dogs had torn it up.

    I would have to dig down for the patio, lay a sand base, then install the stone. After pricing everything my labor costs were almost the $400 (41/hr for 9 hours) which was a break since he was my neighbor. I usually bid labor at $55 an hour or so. After all of the materials ($200 for stone) It came to $774. He told me he didnt care what stone I used or if I went to a creek and dug up the stone. I am planning on using some recycled patio stones that I have but I am going to charge him for the stone. I am hauling in all of the materials (sand, stone, pea gravel, 1.5 ton topsoil, mushroom manure, seed and fert). This price also included a temporary fence that I would set up with his materials so his dogs couldnt get to the new grass (100 ft or so). I havnt heard anything after giving him the bid. I thought my price was fair but I wanted to see what you guys thought. I hate when customers seem to think they can give me a price that I should do a job for. I think this guy still sees me as scott from up the street who does this on the side compared to someone who does this for a living. Where in reality I am a registered and insured company and I do this for a living as well as go to school.
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    well scott from up the street is all you are if you even consider doing that job for that ........wish you was up my block . that job would cost WAY WAY over $ 400 .
    $1200.0 would be a cheap(business price from the neigborhood guy but you sir are not going anywhere at those prices ....... i would pay my helpers 400.00 for the labor on that job .and judging from your experiance you next will tell us how your this business and yet have never did this as part of your business ....... its a $2000.00- $2500.00 job in this area and in most areas in tennessee as a low end install
  3. JB1

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    you said "Neighbor".
  4. BlazerRidge

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    That is extremely cheap in my opinion
  5. Think Green

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    The last patio I did was was a 10X12 irregular shaped.
    Natural shaped 6" square paver blocks. Excavating the site.......1 inch of sand brought in.....cutting of piece blocks to fit into profile. Just this alone after completion was 800.00

    This neighbor is wanting something for being neighborly.
  6. johnnybow

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    I wouldnt do it for that price.
  7. XLS

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    has Lawnsite fallen doomed to the Lowballer business/Non-Business types we hear so much about???? lolol j/k
  8. McG_Landscaping

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    lol I am definitely not trying to low ball by any means I was just trying to help a neighbor out but I do still think my $774 was really low. If this was another customer it would have definitely been over $1200+. Although with this small job I would have very little overhead and I can get the topsoil and stone for free so I am actually making more. I am regretting bidding it that low especially after hearing what all of you have said. I hate people who name a price and tell you what they want you to work for. This thread was more for me to vent about how much I hate people!
  9. StihlMechanic

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    I will not do work for a neighbor, no matter the price. At the price he offered you he may become offended when you counter with a realistic price. It could make him being a neighbor some what awkward.
  10. XLS

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    lesson learned

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