was she hitting on me?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 15, 2003.

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    ok, im very much out of practice, so i need opinions. she calls, got my name from another lawn service. she needs the grass cut. i tell her shes too far(about 20 min ride, nothing else even near there). she pleads, begs, i say no way. then i give in, but tell her it will be a few moere bucks for trvel time. i knock on the door, shes in the shower, but yells loudly, go ahead, start doing what u have to do, ill be out in a few. she comes out, SHES THE MOST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL lady i ever saw. i finish, she pays me, then gives me an extra $15 cus i did such a good job. we chat, shes friendly, im in love, i go , she says ,"you will be back next week?" i say, "an earthquake couldnt keep me away." next week, i show up, start cutting. i finish, knock on door, she says "come on in, i have fresh coffee, and i made muffins." ok, havin coffee, chatting, she starts asking about improving the outside. "what can i do", she asks. well, i give her a few ideas, she says, "well, maybe if u took a look from another view." she brings me......UP TO HER BEDROOM! we look out the window, she sits on the bed, my heart is pounding, im gonna faint! ive never been so nervous! i cant breath, she says, "whats wrong, u dont look good?" im in an absolute panic, if shes thinking what i think shes thinking, i cant say yes, BUT, i cant seem to say no either. so, i do what every man does, i lie! i told her i forgot to take my asthma medication, i cant breath, i have to get home. she like, o my god, do u need an ambulance? i know i was white as a ghost, cus all the blood was somewhere else. i said no, i have to get home. she says, "call me, so i know your ok". i never called, nor did i ever go back there, she called for 2 days, then stopped. now, i been out of "circulation" for many years, but, do u think she was hitting on me? what would u have done?
  2. lugnut#6

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    if your married...ya did right
    if not married.....WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!:D
  3. redbull

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    Nice fantasy. Maybe you should have submitted to Penthouse instead of lawnsite
  4. stevieraysod

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    Did you see her with the towel off? Are you sure it was SHE who was beautiful?... :confused:
  5. bobbygedd

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    no, she was out of the towel, she was fully dressed both times i was there. she didnt let me in the house until she was done showering, and dressed. yup, im married, boy, if i wasnt, id have been on that like a hobo on a ham sandwich. beautiful brunette, very physically fit, unreal.
  6. saw man

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    that was too funny. you need to call this lady back

    shes probably just tryin to get her lawn cut for free:D

    thanks for the good story, that was great
  7. flipflopman

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    Duuhhhh!!!! Of course she was hitting on you......!!!! Now go back and give her what she wants. hahahaha:eek:
  8. saw man

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    i have to know if you told your wife what happened?:dizzy:
  9. greensummer

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  10. I am Me

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    I had a similar experience several years ago.

    I was working a retail clothing store, when in walked this voluptious blonde. I knew she had to be able to hold her breath for a really long time, because she had really BIG lungs. I was amazed.

    Anyway, as she wanders around the store looking things over, I go up to her ask if she needs help. She smiles wryly and says, "maybe." Now I am thinking to myself that I know her face, but can't place her. I start showing her some different items of clothing and it dawns on me...I know her!! I've seen her before, and not just her face....but literaly ALL of her! She picks up on this from the shock on my face, looks at me, smiles, and says,"Finally figured it out, huh?"

    Now mind you, I was a young man in good health, but this woman made me want to pass out in fright. I was so intimidated that I could barely speak. My face turned red, my hands shook, I suddenly developed a stutter...I said, " You're ..er um..that gal...cough...from the movies....!" She just smiled, grabbed my hand, and said, "That's right." I had a lump in my throat so big I thought I had swallowed a peach. I gasped, " You're Seca!" She gives my hand a little squeeze and shoots me a wink.

    Now for all you young lads that do not know who Seca was, she was THE adult film star of the 70's and early eighties. She and John Holmes were quite friendly with each other. How I know this is another story....but back to the main story.

    She turns to me with a big smile on her face and says, " So, are you scared now?" I replied in a hushed tone, " Yes." She laughed and immediately looks south of my buckle and says,
    " Hmmmm, I wonder what we have there." I muster all of my courage and tell her, " Don't you worry Ma'am, I've seen what you have done and had, and there ain't nothin down there that would interest you." she threw back her head and laughed and said, " I get that a lot. I can't imagine why."

    With that I thanked her for her time and promptly left the area. It took me 30 minutes to settle down and stop blushing.

    Dirk Diggler I am not. :blush:

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