Washing 2-cycle air filters and parts (stihl et al).

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by topsites, May 27, 2007.

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    You know, I've always thrown the bigger engine's pre-cleaners in the wash, same with those foamy ear plugs... Granted they can only be washed so many times, but it makes them useful for at least one more cycle, which is to say I get 2-3 times the wear out of the foamies, the pre-cleaners last longer, idk exactly.

    Recently I noticed a disturbing trend among all 2-cycle machines, not to mention the expense of the filters, it seems most if not all kick out 2-cycle fuel into the carb which over time gets soaked into the filter itself. So they never seem to last but so long, and a good portion cost $5-$10 each.

    It seems not much can be done about the paper filters, but just today I threw a Stihl fs-100 air filter into the washing machine, and it came out looking decent, so I'll be re-using it. Keep in mind I let the stuff air dry and not use the dryer (thou the foamies do ok in it lol), still doing this helps me cut my cost considerably.

    I was just wondering if anyone else does this, and if so, what other parts can be washed / re-used?
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    You wife is not going to like what your doing. When I was 18 and lived at home I did something like that. I rebuilt my brothers VW engine and put the case halves in the dishwasher. Even after several cleanings it still smelled like oil and gas. I ended up buying a new dishwasher. Better buy new filters!!

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