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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by nnusskern, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. nnusskern

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    Those of you that power wash concrete drives and walks do you seal them afterwards or just wash? Also what is a good formula for matching a surface cleaner to a power washer and do you recommend using a chemical or cleaner for stains or just water? Thanks Nate
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    nate. I've never sealed before. as far as the surface cleaner, if you had a 4gpm pw. you could get maybe a 24'' or 27'' surface cleaner. both have 2 nozzles underneath and your local pw dealer will set you up with 2 gal min. tips. which makes 4 rpm. if your going to do this for a living a surface cleaner is a MUST have. the next step down would be a rotary nozzle if you are only going to be doing this couple times a year. its about 80.00 vs 700.00 for the surface cleaner. rotary nozzles work great for curbs as well
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    JUst wash....Never have had anyone ask about sealing concrete. I usually clean with water only and this follow with a house wash mix and let dry.

    For every 4GPM you want no more than 4 inches in scrubber. SO for 4GPM you want nor more than 16-18 inch scrubber. For 5gpm no more than 20-22. etc etc.

    While you can go larger you will find yourself moving slower and quality of cleaning will be less.
  4. nnusskern

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    Ok thanks for the info.
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