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Washing or cleaning Isuzu Npr Diesel engine?


LawnSite Member
san jose, ca

I just bought a Isuzu Npr truck 1997 and it looks kind of dirty and I want to wash it. I have bought the foam spray cleaner from Kragen, but just before do it I want to make sure there is nothing wrong spraying the foam cleaner on the Diesel engine then scrubbing it with a brush and then wash it off with a water hose.

If there is somethings that I need to cover and what other precautions should I take? Thanks:waving:

Dirty Water

LawnSite Fanatic
Redmond, WA
Thats the beauty of diesals (at least the old ones), they would virtually run underwater as long as they could get air :)

Not much electrical. Of course, this all stopped in the mid 90's when everyone went Common Rail.


LawnSite Senior Member
Parkton NC
I've used Simple Green for years and its pretty good, even with out pressure washing. I would advise against oven cleaner. There are other cleaners out there also that have adverse effects on aluminum engine parts.

Dixie Rob

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Hey buddy, my company had a valve cover gasket blow (whoops!) and we were told by our diesel mechanic to use spray brake cleaner to clean all the gunk off the outside of the motor, and it worked good.