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    The wife just got stung again and I have to get this stopped. They are around the house going behind the shutters. I have a gas powered mister blower I use for mosquitos (mosquito barrier) and it works well. Wondering what would be best to use for wasp up around the house. Thanks for replies!
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    I have found Parsons Sudding Ammonia is the best thing to put on a sting to suck the poison out. the quicker you use it the better it works. It takes away a lot of pain. Windex, stick deodorant, Alcohol, and wet chewing tobacco work also

    I personally would try the Wasp and Hornet spray can from the hardware store. Beside a strong stream and plenty of distances they are very quick killing insecticides. You can spray the shutter or behind them because of the pressure and distance they reach

    In Edit

    Don't forget to keep Benadryl around for a reaction to the stings.

  3. I agree with Ric. The stuff at home depot works real good. I have a customer that had a nice sized nest under her roof. I sprayed the nest and they dropped like flies within seconds. Plus it does have a good spray stream and distance.
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    Yo Guys

    I don't see any Ag Inspector gigging you for unlicensed carrying a Can of Wasp Spray with you at all times. You are not doing pest control service only protecting yourself. The same can is able to kill Fire Mounts quickly also. I wouldn't say it was the most economic way to control Fire Ants. But it can clear a small area you are working in. Once again I don't see any legal issues here either. True the LETTER of the law might make it illegal, but the INTEND is not to keep you from protecting yourself.

    The other thing you need to carry here in Florida is the Parson's Sudding Ammonia for sting and bites. It will suck the poison out and make your bite a less painful experience. Straight Ammonia works also but the soap in Parson's sudding Ammonia works like a stricker or surfactant to make the ammonia work better.
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    Any thoughts with Bifen XTS. I am looking for something with some residual also.
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    Bifen XTS is a great product and I buy it by the case. BUT it doesn't have the Quick Knock down of wasp spray. I am not a Tree Hugger but I do believe in responsible pesticide application. A good application with Wasp spray won't give as long a residual but it will be long enough to control your problem and keep it controlled. To start with Bifen XTS might mean a whole lot of stings and to make a second application with Bifen XTS would be a Waste, Over Kill and unnecessary
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    I know that most of us knows the homeopathic use of products containing ammonia to eliminate the stinging effects of wasp and hornet stings......not forgetting bee stings once the stinger and internal gland is removed from the injection site is normal.
    I just want to say--" (From the view point of a licensed RN here at a local hospital with 25 years of experience--looked at me funny when I mentioned the use of such a ointment!" ) She said-" Who in the world told you of such idiotic methods of sting remediation?"

    Anyway--No sense arguing with a Board Certified Nurse on a short subject that isn't worth the spit over.

    I just wanted to add this to this thread................sorry didn't mean to high jack the intentions of the original poster.
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    Think Green

    I listen when the old ladies tell their "Wives Tales". What I have noticed is the ones that work, you can trace back to serious science. So it is with Home or homeopathic remedies.
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    Eliminator Wasp & Hornet Killer
    Spray reaches 20+ feet above ground, fires off a blast of liquid insecticide (Tetramethrin Permethrin and Piperonyl butoxide) that kills on contact.
    Kills Yellow Jackets and Insects returning to the nest too, spray and forget, once treated and done.
    And no I didn't understand what all of that meant either but I know it works!
    Buy at Wal-Mart
    $2 each, get a dozen.

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    It might leave a little white residue--but I suggest Sevin. It is great on flies and bees. You need to work it into the slats of the shutters. You want some residual to knock out the nest. Ours get infested with hornets also--pain in the patootie.
    Probably best to apply when temps are low at night. They are lethargic when cool and don't really like to fly at night. Use a flashlight. If you don't like the white residue, use the Bifen or any pyrithroid--mostly fast-acting--not much residual.
    Consider a followup with a wasp trap.

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