waste of time?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by youngbuck, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I think any extra education in the green industry will be a benefit to you and to your potential future clients.
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    cool, i like that school, no i am closer to fremont then toledo, but know one knows where thats at, hence dave in toledo :)

    i went to school at ut, ba in fine art, been a commercial artist for 10 years, my problem is .... you used to need a ba to do this work, now with everyone haviing a pc, and owens and david college turning out underqualified graphics people, it has driven the price of work down to 7 or 8 dollars an hour, and there is always some new graduate willing to do it for that, even though their work sucks..... i used to make 65 thousand a year doing graphics, now i make 24....

    i did get a business degree which has helped me with this business quite a bit

    you do what YOU like, i have though about looking into some of the turf managment classes myself, im just too busy with my full time job and my other full time job in lawn care.... but its been a good year and im having a ball

    my sister is going there for ultra sound tech????
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    Get what you can from school and apply it in the field as you go, you'll learn quicker, retain more and turbo charge your experience curve. Are there things that books and teachers will never cover that you will encounter? Absolutely. Will you encounter things that they DID cover? Absolutely. The key will be how long it takes you to come up with the solution, which is what everyone in the green industry gets paid for. School will help develop that base of knowledge that you will need to find the answers that make your business successful more quickly than the Hard Knock path. That doesn't mean the answers aren't out there for the hard knockers nor that you won't get a few of your own, it will just buy you time in the curve and buying time is a rarity.
  4. daveintoledo

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    I am working getting certified for fert and pest this winter, and maybe ill look and see what they have there. With my University degrees, i can go pretty much anyplace and take a few classes......Owens is a bit of a truck, Terra is in Fremont, They might have something also????

    Keep in touch, I can help stear you in the right direction to being legal and all since i have just been throught all the crud with the gov......

    Stay In Touch.... :waving:
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    It does not matter whether you learn from experience or by going to school because either way will cost you money if not on tuition then on mistakes and trial-and-error learning.
    Possibly the best I can think of telling you is that out of all the things you learn, some will work for you and some will not. Another way of saying it is what works for one of us may or may not work for someone else. So take what you learn and apply what you can THEN keep that which works for you and throw the rest away... Possibly the only waste here is that likely 90 percent of the crap they teach will not work for you but at the same rate if you do it via experience you will go through a ton of money as well... Although some people claim they lost LESS money through mistakes, they may not be taking into account the fact that if you know nothing then you have to do things cheaper and I mean CHEAPer.
    So best of luck to you and don't let the spammers and the nay-sayers keep you down, it has been MY experience there are always those negative people because they don't really want you to succeed, so to speak.
  6. Howard Roark

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    While I encourage all education, keep in mind you need nothing but determination to make the above quote happen. Knowledge isn't power, APPLIED knowledge is. The ability to take action cannot always be taught, and many times people think getting a degree in something will always put them ahead.

    Again, I do believe in education but if the above really is your goal, studying business, accounting and tax laws should be a main focus.

    I would also suggest the article Tyranny of the Diploma. Google it to find.

    Best wishes!
  7. Indydirtfarmer

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    For they know not what they don't know of....

    There is no price you can put on education. I heard the same song and dance back when I was in school, some 30 years ago. They told me I wouldn't ever get anything in return for my effort. Boy, were they ever wrong!

    What a person learns in college goes way beyond the actual "book learning" you get there. Do BOTH... Work AND go to school. I did it. It wasn't easy. But given the chance to do it all over again, the only thing I'd do DIFFERENTLY is to keep on attending college beyond my 4 year degree.

  8. the ace

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    I know I'm 'gonna catch hell for this post but here I go.....

    If your going to start out just mowing than read some of the posts on this site on getting started and get the ball rolling. Mowing is not rocket science, and it brings in the money while you get more acquainted with some of the other avenues in this industry such as fertilization, pruning, seeding, sodding or any of the many other money geysers in this field. Lets face it guys, anything you need to know is basically at our finger tips via the internet, and even with a college degree (which I do have) most of what we have learned has been through trial and error. I'm not saying don't go to school, I'm just saying that a mowing service does not require a degree like a brain surgeon. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, and there aren't to many days that I don't turn on this computer and look something up that I didn't know or was wondering "how do you do that?" If you feel you need college to accomplish your goals than YOU SHOULD GO, but if you have a driving curiosity, the www, and a desire to accomplish your wants and needs in this industry, than you may already have your diploma and not even know it!

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    It is good to always learn and further your education, but if it is more about making the money in the least amount of time then ditch the school. My sister and her husband both got thier degrees and are making a combine $150,000 that's together and working 8 hours a day and give an hour for back and forth to work. They have been working towards making this kind of money and have gradually moved up the ladder and this is where they are at after 15 years of working and of course the time they did in school.

    Now my younger brother who is actually my twin, I am older by 10 minutes, he started his pest control business 5 years ago, in his first year he grossed on his own $100,000 currently he is making $350,000 net and has employees do all the work while he and his wife run the office in home where they can always be with thier kids and take time away when ever they want. He has no degree!

    Hope this helps!

    Half the people I know that have degrees, make less then me :) The only good thing about that is they can spell better :)
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    thanks for all the advice guys i know mowing isn't rocket science but try telling that to one of my Buddy's that i put on the z for the first time. but thats another story for another thread. i just want to grow in other areas then mowing but i don't know what areas yet so maybe some of the classes will help me figure that out I'm kinda interested in irrigation but no nothing about it and their a class i have to takefor that so i dono we will see how it gos and i will keep you all informed.

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