wasted time!!


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I was a my regular day job yesterday and I received a call from a potential customer wanted to know how much I would charge to mow her lawn. So I made my way to her house, come to find out she wasn't home and her either husband or boyfriend was home had no clue that I was stopping by. As I approached the house I looking at her lawn. There are leaves all over the lawn the grass needed to be cut last week and best of all. I notice that there are a tone of pine cones all over the side of the house. So I quoted her $150.00 for a first cut/clean up and she wanted some mulch put down but didn't have a clue what she wanted so I didn't quote her on that . I haven't heard back from her yet and I don't expect to here from her either. You got love people that waste your time. I get a little upset over stupidity

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Welcome to the service industry. Get used to it. Earlier this month I spent a little over 6 hours bidding a job I didn't get. Won't be bidding that again.


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Waste of time? How do you expect to get jobs? You have to go out and give the person an estimate and not every estimate will be accepted. That's just business.


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6 hours bidding on one job?