Watch out for that mower!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stihlmav, Nov 10, 2004.

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    I have to get you the setting first.
    I live on top of a hill. So my driveway is really steep. I was pulling at the time a single axle trailor... I have to angle my trialor pulling in so the Bulldog Hitch does not drag.... I hear a crash I looked in my rear view mirror to see my Toro 48' flipping in the air... That is not the bad part.. The bad part is the mower is picking up speed and it is heading straight for a gas meter.... in the neighbors yard... I though on the emergency break and run as fast as I can to catch the mower about two feet from the gas meter...
    Ok one more....
    Just finished mowing a yard... Driving on the inside lane a four lane road speed limit 35 downtown a lot of traffic... I hear an 18-wheelor horn honk- So I look in my right side view mirror and see my Stihl FS85 trimmer sliding across the road.. The 18-wheelor missed the Trimmer by inches.

    Has anyone lost a mower, trimmer, etc?
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    Are you not securing your equipment with straps?
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    A cheap Walmart strap had broke with the TORO deal,

    The Trimmer, one of my employees put it on the bottom rack, but didn't snap the lock on...

    Just weird stuff like that

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