watch out for this kid!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by iMOW LAWNCARE, Jun 2, 2008.


    iMOW LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    Holy cow. Today I saw a kid, a young kid, 13 or so. Pedaling a mountain bike, with a pretty sweet trailer attatched to it. In that trailer, he had 2 21" mowers, 2 trimmers on a rack, trash can and a blower, and some gas cans. I'm sure he just puts the grass in trash bags and leaves them on the curb, which if he was mowing my lawn, I would be cool with that.

    I was very impressed, you go get em kid, possibly a future millionaire.
  2. stevenf

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    When I was younger, I remember a 14 year old friend of mine who would push his push mower to each yard and ended saving $6k that summer. Thoughs are the smart ones....
  3. banksl&s

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    :laugh::laugh:Huh, gas at $10 a gallon by the end of the summer. What kind of bike did he have I might need one. haha.
  4. FDuce

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    he'll be easy to spot...he'll be the one with the giant legs from peddling all that weight around:laugh:
  5. k911lowe

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    good for him.nice to see a go getter that wants to work insted of whining about the conditions the world is in.

    BIGJIMBEEM LawnSite Member
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    Where can u get that trailer hitch attachment and did it have trailer brakes lol

    MOWALLTHETIME LawnSite Member
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    I had a 14 yr old trying to take some of my properties last summer. He does really good work and if he was old enough I would hire him. But the young kids cutting grass are hurting our business and putting grave responsibility on the homeowner. Iif that kid cuts his foot off or damages the property the homeowner is responsible for everything. I admire the spirit of getting out and working but in today's society it is not safe or reccomended to hire or employ anyone who is not liscensed and insured
  8. Supper Grassy

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    Good to see that he not being like all the other lazy ones and playing games all day
  9. SamTheLawnMan

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    I AGREE 100%.....Same thing happend to me last year too....
  10. Lawn-Sharks

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    What kind of bike was it, maybe it can pull my trailer around?

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