Watch out where you park!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by BeachysLawn, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Roger

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    I like what Charles said. Also, what wegamow said about a heavy truck, with some armor out front, has merit. The outcome looks more like a push, than a crash.
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    Sheesh.. go look around at some of the houses next door and across the street for personal security cameras at the doors or the corners of the house, maybe you will get lucky and find one that points to the street and you can get some info on what the hell ditched you like that. Yeah your insurance may be covering it, but whoever "left the scene of an accident" needs to be caught and held accountable for something like this..
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    I've had 2 trailers totaled, new axels and gate replaced, and some gate work on another trailer for a total of 4 trailers hit. Cones out parked every time. 1 guy passed out and hit me, 2nd guy was almost blind, 3rd the guy told the police he was watching squirrels playing, and the 4th didn't stick around ( thankfully just some gate damage ).

    You better have your truck frame inspected as well as the whole trailer. the guy watching the squirrels only hit me doing 25 and it bent the axles. Who ever hit you either hit you going really fast or they had a bigger truck. My truck didn't jack knife in any of the times i was hit.

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