watching shady lawns decline fast and it's me doind it.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Aug 2, 2001.

  1. ant

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    checked out a few shady lawns that a friend does and they are in good shape. asked him to check mine out. as soon as he got out of the truck he said that i am pushing them with to much n.
    he said that most of the lawns with creaping and hard fescues get no n at all and they do fine.
    he has a group of lawns that get liquid iron no fertilizer (soil is right)
    what do you guys think ?
    i think i need to cut the n way down.
  2. powerreel

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  3. Local compost is cheaper. It's free where I live.

    Applying liquid urea with broadleaf and pre-M 5 times a year will KILL a lawn in a few years.
  4. EJK2352

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    My shady lawns were doing the major decline. After reading a study done by Ohio State I cut the N down to 1 pound per 1000 per year and they are looking much better. :) ;) :) ED
  5. ant

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    sounds right ed. but what are you doing to get your applications in.
    i donot wout to sound like a application PUSHER but bills have to be paid...
  6. powerreel

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    Local compost is cheaper. It's free where I live...... For me it's not, and because I have to drive around with compost in steep hills. I like the quasi-organic liquids, you can mix a back pack up and go it saves on vechicle costs and the customer will pay for it. A jug of Fe8 costs me 55 bucks and goes a long way. It works great on shady lawns, here I try to fry them @ end of Aug-Labor Day then do Fall fert with the rain starting- then again @ Thanksgiving.
  7. A backback sprayer would not be the way to go for me since I maintain more sq. footage in one day than you do all week walking behind a reel mower.

    You have your niche and I have mine. You have a great set up with your pick up with side boards and a ramp gate. I use the same setup with a better ramp pulling a trailer (if need) with
    the 62 and 52 inch machines.

    I won't even take a look at a site unless its 25K sq ft or more.
    Our climates are very different. It is hotter in PA some days than it is in FLA by the beach. And there are three months (dec,jan,feb) of pure hell as a bonus.
  8. powerreel

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    I do less and less turf each year in the quest for NO grass. In the fall I'll post some stuff on a rip out and replanting with plants. What do you use to topdress 25k of turf?
    Ramp trucks are the way to go, if you have ever tried to park a trailer in the city?
  9. anthony

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    cut way back on the n and it seemed to help somewhat...

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