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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by longslawn, Aug 30, 2001.

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    I had a customer who said his water bill was for 170,000 gallons of water the past month. I was at his property to day and there were no indication of leaks on the ground. He called after I had came, I will check the meter in the morning. His normal bill runs around $150.00 a month which would be around 50-60 thousand gallons. Could 100-110 thousand gallons leak and not be seen. The main line and valves are in areas that should show water leakage in this amount. I find this hard to beleive. Any comments.:blob3:
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    I'll make the assumption there is an irrigation system here.

    Your talking 170K over 30 days, correct? 5600 gal/day in round numbers. Not unreasonable for a large lawn. 1" on 1 acre equals 27,000 gal. 170K would be approx 6.3" per month on 1 acre.

    Could city water and a well be interconnected? Water can go in a well as well as out.

    Any storm sewers near an irrigation main? Possible underground leak there.

    Has anyone doe the obvious and watched the water meter when nothing is supposed to be on?

    This consumption, if it occured is about 3.89 gal per minute. Unless there is a clean place like a well it's piped to or sewer line it can run into, your not gonna have to look hard to find 4 GPM leak it if exists.

    Bad meter reading? Faulty meter? Catch up on previously estimated bills?

    I've had a lot of people claim stuff over the years and the water company and I haven't found any problems yet.

    However we have observed wet spots at the curb by the meter and in the lawn and found leaks. Just never got legit on your type of problem. Pretty much can't happen.

    Meters usually have a smaller indicator that spins readily at low flow for use as a leak detector. If stuff is off an meter doesn't record for hours, they used the water.

    Let me know.
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    Thanks for the info HBFOX. That is the same numbers that I came up with. I checked the meter and there are no leaks. The property is about 22k of grass and another 10k of shrubs. This is probaly the amount of water used as we haven't had any rain to amount to anything in 30 days or more. This is also new sod and landscaping about 10 weeks. Thanks for the reply. It's graet to get another opinion on things.

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