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Water conservation

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Lite Headed, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Lite Headed

    Lite Headed LawnSite Member
    Messages: 160

  2. turfmd101

    turfmd101 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,375

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  3. mitchgo

    mitchgo LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,946

    I walked through that university last year and saw the modern system myself. I forgot who, but someone on this site was apart of those upgrades.
    I still find it funny for places like texas to water non-needed grass section but what can I do about it.

    Newer technologies can absolutely save. However having a knowledgeable and experienced irrigator is just as important. The tech is pointless if not used properly.
  4. txirrigation

    txirrigation LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
    Messages: 977

    Hooking a newly planted mesquite tree up to micro irrigation just made me feel weird. Yes, we saved a lot of water but the costs were astronomical.
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  5. Sprinkler Buddy

    Sprinkler Buddy LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Florida
    Messages: 1,185

    "Newer technologies can absolutely save. However having a knowledgeable and experienced irrigator is just as important. The tech is pointless if not used properly."

    True, True! Watering in the heat of the day, sprinklers running while it's raining or after we just received a lot of rain the few days before. I see this a lot around here.
  6. Kiril

    Kiril LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 18,334

    Glad someone is listening to my ramblings. :waving:
  7. Kiril

    Kiril LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 18,334

    And it should have made you feel weird. Water conservation starts with knowing what plants need water .... a mesquite once established should not.
  8. turfmd101

    turfmd101 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,375

    The best, inexpensive way to conserve water is to cap irrigation heads which are irrigating well established ornamental's and arbors. Someone who installs a new system but still irrigates these ornamental's is not truly a tech. I'll bet the university still over irrigates it's ornamental's. Hats off for what they have accomplished. I have never watered my ornamental's at my home in 18 years, even when they wilt. They only receive rain for irrigation. That's 100% savings on my ornamental's alone. If the university didn't segregate turf zones from ornamental zones they missed the most inefficient part of water conservation.
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  9. RhettMan

    RhettMan LawnSite Silver Member
    from Texas
    Messages: 2,601

    TY turfmd101 that helps!
    especially since entertaining the mathematics of "adjustment factor & crop coeffiect" make me feel a genuine need to hurl on the only text that I own regarding non-turf calculations. This is of course, not a fault of the text but rather a fault of mine. I would enjoy improving in the ornamental area, the potential for improvement is huge, not doubt.

    Mesquite trees, are those the trees that devour chain saws... and cause good & decent people to curse outloud while balancing on one leg?

    I think I may have one of those at my house......First it (not dirt) devoured my saw chain. I now dispose of my old gasoline on the remaining stump(s) cluster (dont judge me here, i am a several-generation texan, by birth i was allowed that natural right as long as there are not pesticides in my gas*.) *or if according to strictest label with proper protections and equipment under the direction of a licenses-thumper that works under the same office, after recording wind speed and property and application details.

    I am now further convinced, in part atleast, of: that which does not kill, seems to strengthen.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014

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