Water Cooled mowers and Exmark/Toro

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Pastures, Nov 3, 2002.

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    It's very important for me to hear from people who have had DIRECT experience with the equipment that I am asking about. PLEASE, if you have a comment that is something you have just "heard" at least preface your comment by telling me that it is hearsay. PLEASE. Thanks.

    I'm getting another ZTR this fall. The deals in my area are just to good to pass up.

    1. I have a Toro 52" Z-master w/ Kohler 25 air cooled, somebody who I respect keeps telling me to look at liquid cooled mowers. What do you think? Does it lower wear due to the lower operating temps? Is it just for lowering the temp. of the "bubble" of hot air that seems to follow you around on a ZTR? Let's hear what you think.

    2. In my opinion, Toro and Exmark are the same mower, EXCEPT for the deck. I like the SFS deck on my Toro, but am willing to try these new Ultracut decks. I will take my own advice and demo them both before buying, but tell me what your experience is. If you've owned and or operated both the SFS and the Ultracut. What are the strengths. For instance, I hear alot of the Exmark guys talking about the mulching qualities of the Exmark decks, well I always side discharge where I use ZTR's so I dont see a need to get a deck that is better at something that I will never use. These are the types of issues that I need addressed.

    Thank you guys......
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    Here are some of my thoughts on your questions.

    I like my 27HP LC Lazer...a LOT! Right now me and another Lawnsite member are experiencing coolant hose leaks, but these don't seem to be widespread, so I don't know.

    Never used the TORO SFS deck personally. But Unless YSM makes "The Director" OCDC for it, I wouldn't want it.

    I like my greasless spindles, and my more common 20.5" blades. No blade cradle, and the ablility to mulch IF I desire. The Exmark 60" deck is something like 61 and change inches. I have numerous areas between trees, that a DIXIE CHOPPER 60" deck will NOT fit between, yet the Lazer deck does. So that extra 2" on the TORO would hinder me more than help.

    The tractor part of the mower is identical except for the gas tanks. I like the more streamlined (for branches, etc) tanks of the Lazer better than the ones that stick out on the TORO.

    I guess that about covers it.

    As for more about Liquid cooling.... The more stable temps means the abitlity to achieve tighter clearances in the engine vs an air cooled. I really don't think ambient temp affects the LC at all. They're WAY over cooled! My Lazer has a bigger radiator than my Sisters Honda! The cooling fans are always on, and when its cold out the temp needle never even moves!

    Cant think of anyting more at this time.

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