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    Going to a auction in a week or so and theres a lot of equipment listed with water damage. A bunch of stuff from hurricane sandy.

    So I'm wondering what exactly would water damage do to small engines? I can see it damaging electrical parts but shouldnt you be able to drain/dry and use it again?

    There is a bit of everything there, plows, sanders, vacs, blowers, sweepers,

    I dont have a lot of hopes for this stuff but if I see a model of something I have I might just get it for parts.

    Heres what I really like. This is a 29hp vac. If the price is right I would just replace the engine.

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    That totally depends on if it is Salt water. Tidal surge and being submerged for a length of time will not be good for any of the components. This machine you pictured here a leaf vac not much other than the Engine and wheel bearings along with possibly trailer lights. Something with a hydraulic tank and drive motors and such well I'd think twice myself. Just my opinion. If totaly unsure pay a mechanic a days pay plus a couple bucks to go along with you for a better opinion.

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    trying to see what that goes for new, I found the specs and its hydraulic dump. So thats probably toast.

    I say if it sells for under 2k and I put a new engine in another 2k. I should still make out.

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