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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, May 6, 2006.

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    We installed a neighborhood non-potable water system to 12 houses last month, while trenching (4" pipe doesn't plow well) we snagged a wire related to the potable water mains...The wire was about 5' from the water main locate.

    The Water district guy came out, it was some sort of sensor wire for a flow switch. He was there about two hours.

    We got a bill for almost a grand a few days ago.

    Ripoff???? We called for locate, it was not located, so we shouldn't have to pay it right?
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    If you called markout, you're off the hook. Call markout and tell them what happened.
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    Sorry for hijack..

    I got a bill once for $350 from the cable company for breaking the tv cable when we dug up a 3 inch pop up head for repairs!!!

    I disputed the bill of course and the lady on the phone informed me I needed to call for a mark every time I dug in a yard....LOL!!!! I would never get any work done..can you imagine calling for a mark for ever service call every day of the year?

    Make sure your marking company told you they would be sending someone to mark that particular company....yesterday when I called for a mark, the lady told me I needed to contact 2 different folks myself as they were not set up to mark for them......silly eh?

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