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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by JimLewis, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Well, as some of you know, I flew down to Phoenix area for a week to do a large project for a family friend of mine. The job entailed design, plants and trees, 9500 sq. ft. of sod, water feature, lighting, curbing, and about 80 tons of gravel. But my favorite part of the project was this water feature we made. We did this in a day and a half with 2-3 guys working on it and a bobcat skid steer to move the heavier rocks.

    Here below is a teaser picture but you can view all the photos from various angles at this link;



    Cuthbertson, BrianD2.jpg
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    That is a big landscape to do in a week. What on earth did you do with 80 tons of gravel? Pave a parking lot? I bet it was a challenge to use materials different than what is available in your area.
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    1" Crushed rock is what they use in the planting beds. I am used to using barkdust or mulch. But there, everyone uses crushed rock. The back yard at this place was like 16,000 sq. ft. And almost half of that needed to be covered with rock. There were some large areas on the side the homeowner just wanted left fairly blank for future plans (RV Parking, Swimming Pool, B-ball court, pathway). So those areas took up a lot of gravel.

    Yah. It was a little crazy working in an area with totally different materials. And it wasn't just the materials. It was also the way they measured materials. I am used to gravel, mulch, and soil being measured by the yard or unit. But there, everything is measured by the ton.

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