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    i am starting a landscaping business and my first project in going to be a retaining wall and fire pit paver patio and pond and water fall. I am doing this for my parents so that I can use it as an example of what type of work I can do.I have worked in the business for about 7 years but am current working another job and plan to continue that for a few more years. My questions is has anyone built a water fall with about a five foot drop? The retaing wall will be made with two rowes of boulder walls and at one point in the wall i would like to have a water fall that goes into a small pond.The water fall may be 4 or 5 feet wide and I would have to pump the water 7 or 8 feet back to the top.What type of pump would I need to get for this?The entire wall would be around 80 ft long.
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    As far as the pump you need ask the guys in the Pond forum or look up Aquascape designs online, maybe google them, they wrote the book on pond building......
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    Figure your total water volume (Gallons in a pond= LxWxDx7.48) then call Aquascape. Great products. You shouldnt need that big of a pump. Use your rock to determine the character the falling water has.
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    Check out Russell Water Gardens' pumps. With a 4' wide fall, you're going to be pushing some volume. I just used their system with a really big feature I designed, and it's amazing.

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