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    Water gardens can be of any size. You can grow a small garden in a whiskey barrel lined with a heavy plastic sheet. You also can find molded fiberglass ponds with or without waterfalls that will fit the scale of small gardens or patios. Medium-sized ponds may be constructed in excavations backfilled with sand and then lined with larger fiberglass preforms. Two other approaches are liners that come in sheets or kits to conform to the size and shape of pond you want. Liners are reasonable in cost and the kits have complete instructions.
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    ok?????????????????? and your talking to who?
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    yeah whatever you are selling i dont want any. stellar first post though:laugh:
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    Sounds like someone has no clue.........."grow a watergarden????????????????????????"
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    I read this and thought what the ....... then I noticed the "foreclosures" link in the bottom corner :nono:

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