Water Hyancinth pics

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. My pond has gotten over grown with these and I put some in a wheelbarrow and still going strong just wanted to post a pic of them.


    water hyacinths.jpg
  2. Stonehenge

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    They're beautiful - is the pic of the ones in the wheelbarrow or the pond?
  3. Those are in the pond. I didn't think anyone wanted to see a now rusty wheelbarrow with water flowers in it.:D But they do look the same. I had to put them in the W/B to thin out the pond. That was the third time we thinned them out. Wow they grew so fast.:D

    Want some?

  4. MowinChic

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    I thought I'd go ahead and take some pics of the wheelbarrow, it was getting dark and a little cloudy, so they did not turn out quite as impressive and clear as before, but they are still very pretty.

    Cindy...Mowin Chic:p

    wheelbarrow of hyacinths6.jpg
  5. therainman

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    looking to prove someone wrong here, they have told me these are illeagle in the state of Illinois. Does anyone here build ponds in ILL that can tell me if there is a law to ban these plants...

  6. johnhenry

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    Beautiful pics
  7. KerryB

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    Check with your county ext. agent , he should have a list of banned water plants.
  8. Phishook

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    How about a picture of the whole pond?
  9. lost890

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    They are so wonderful oh my can't wait for spring. I can't take anymore snow about to go nuts. Did you say want some if so yes I would love some all mine where killed by my husband when we moved in Nov, he left my bucket of plants outside and all died. It broke my hart will have to starte all over I would be more than will to send you postage for some plants. :D
  10. AL Inc

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    Nice pics. I actually got a piece from one of my customers and put it in my pond. Grew like crazy so I took it out. I did not know that it bloomed, when does this happen? Really pretty flowers. Thanks, Mike

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