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Water hycanith gotten very small


LawnSite Member
Music City
I know many hate this plant, but it helped to cover pond suface. They used to be big and hardy looking- now look puny with no blooms- water is still clear- lilly pads seem to be dying as well- fish are fine- Could this be the season for this to happen- I live near Nashville and it's still 88 degrees- no cold weather yet- also, I've noticed string algae all around the plants? Any suggestions?
Pond is around 1600 gallons- 3 ft deep with UV filter-

Az Gardener

LawnSite Gold Member
Phoenix, Az
Hyacinths like to be in the flow, I would look to see if the circulation has changed. Also has anything shaded the pond with the changing season? They like full sun. also I would be more inclined to look at the nigh time temps and water temps. Here in the winter they cabbage back to nothing in the winter. Trick to keep them blooming mix up some super-bloom and let them soak in a 5-gal bucket for a couple of hours.


LawnSite Member
VA Beach
Yeah night temps will do it.. and hyacinths are fickle anyway... As for the string algea, just get a deck brush from home depot and lightly run it over the plants and rocks where the big probs are