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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fubba, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Bottled water in a cooler. Run the hose for a couple minutes to cool it off and then fill the cooler daily. Keeps the water cold and never purchase ice.

    I supply the bottled water for the guys, their responcibility is to let me know when more is needed and fill/empty the cooler with cold water and more water bottles.
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    Bottled water......uh....hmmm..yeah..okay.
    No wonder the price of oil is so high. 9 billion plastic(made with oil) water bottles used and discarded every month in the good ole uSA. Downright lazies in my opinion.

    Bubba kegs are great for keeping your toddies cold at the river.

    I supply water in 5 gallon water sippers on each vehicle. Each vehicle gets a sleeve of crackers and a quart container of fresh fruits sliced nicely to nibble on throughout the day. You'd be surprised when snacking on strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, watermelon and banannas will do for your employees productivity and well being during their shift. I purchase each guy his own bubba keg as well. If they want anything besides the water provided, they can bring a packet of their choosing and use the water to mix themselves up a tasty drink of their liking. Spending the 3 to 4 bucks a day on fruits and crackers for the guys is way more beneficial than spending it on plastic water bottles.

    There hasn't been a single day that the fruit quarts come back not empty.

    At the end of the day the guys clean out the water coolers and I clean the fruit quart containers.

    Also every guy brings their own lunch. If you don't agree to bring your own lunch, you don't have a job. No pit stops at gas stations/convenience stores unless you have to drop a duece.
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    Absolutely the way to fly - they will stay energized all day, or at least last longer!
  4. Tom-N-Texas

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    Wow a whole quart of fruit for a crew of guys? I could probably eat a quart of berries in 3 bites. Seriously though I like the fruit idea; I often buy watermelons and cantelope for the guys, especially when it's real hot. Fruit is not only good for the body but good for the mind too. Much better than crackers or chips. Amazing how happy everyone gets at the sight of a watermelon (and limes) in 100 degree heat.
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    this is a good topic and brings up a large issue for me personally, which is what water to drink. This is an important thing because water is the element we lawn guys drink alot of -- much more than the average person does....over a lifetime, the wrong water could contribute to ill-health, which is not good when you don't have a 401k or a retirement benefit package: Tap water is full of flouride, chlorine and other garbage the government attempts to poison us with....bottled water is expensive, questionably-helathy and who knows if the water leeches chemicals off the inside of the plastic bottle....Walmart and other companies sell "filtered" city water that you can fill your jug with, which who knows what "filtered" means; does it get out all the remnants of antibiotics, prescription drugs and birth control pills that people excrete out of their intestines, which then finds their way into the water supply? (look it up) http://www.foxnews.com/story/2008/0...ugs-in-drinking-water-in-24-major-us-regions/

    It's a little over-the-top but believe it or not I catch rain as often as possible, filter it at home and then drink that. It's probably not perfect but it can't be worse than the alternatives. This is just a hobby of mine and I obviously do not collect enough rainwater to drink every day....but whenever it rains I do generally collect several gallons worth, which is put immediately in large glass containers. Sometimes I let the containers sit out in the sun for a day or so before drinking, to let any additional impurities escape. (the sun's energy may also add a miraculous vibrational elements to the water as well.) If the rainwater is good enough for my grass, which makes it grow greener and better than city water ever could, then it's good enough for me.

    when I cannot drink rainwater, I generally buy Smartwater brand, which is distilled and I can find cold at 7-11...I also keep a little hand-juicer device that I can squeeze lemons/limes into my water.....mmmmmmmmm tangy!
  6. vegandude

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    If the rainwater is coming off your roof with asphalt shingles, then your screwing yourself over. Wood shingles are ok and metal is iffy as your paint slowly decays. Asphalt only use to water grass, shrubs and flowers, NO VEGGIES
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    To me it's as much if not more about cooling off than replenishing.

    I have a 4 gallon water cooler, I fill it to between 3 to 3.5 gallons then drop two frozen 32 ounce 'gatorade' bottles full of ice in there, once the water is cold these need to be replenished twice a day.

    The cooler water, I simply add more every day but once a week empty the whole thing and clean it out and rinse.

    I go through two gallons a day by myself, I drink maybe half of that, the other I like to pour it on my arms and sometimes slowly over my head to cool off...
    The stuff is so cold sometimes I get goose bumps, once I'm cooled off I'm good for another 10-15 or 20 minutes.
    Think frequent, short breaks.

    Otherwise it just bloats me.
  8. Tom-N-Texas

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    actually I just catch rain with lots of big plastic bowls. I've got about 20 large plastic salad bowls that'll actually catch a good amount of rain fairly quickly just by sitting them out on the patio under the sky. I've thought about different, more effective ways of catching rainwater but I don't really have a place to store much more than several gallons at a time so I just keep doing it this way.
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    The sun may decontaminate the water, but any "vibrational elements" concept is total bupkus. Over a day, the water may warm some, do to the sun's heat, but it loses that same energy as night comes.

    Oh, and depending where you are, the water you are collecting may actually be contaminated with the pollutants created by powerplants, automotive traffic, or even fallout from a failed Japanese nuclear reactor (Fukushima ring any bells?)
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    A stuffed to the gills quart for each crew. Crew = 2 guys. We tried cantaloupes for a bit, but we can't seem to find quality cantaloupes around my neck of the woods. After a few spells of getting sick, we narrowed it down to the cantaloupes. A few of us got e coli and listeria from them. We had them tested and that's what the lab found. We alerted the department of health and safety as well as the 2 different stores we purchased them from. Sadly we had to actually go and check ourselves to see if the stores destroyed the batch they had got in. They had not. The department of health and safety was slacking like no tomorrow. We wrote about it on the net. Corporate sent my company an ITS. In turn I sent the gov an ITS because they had not done their jobs. 3 months later everything was dropped on all sides.
    Since dropping cantaloupe from the menu, no one has ever had an issue since.

    It has been almost 4 years since myself and the my ole lady have changed our entire diets. No sh!t food or drink EVER! All beef, chicken, turkey come from friends farms where no drugs or pesticides are used. All fruits and veggies come from organic farms around us(sold in only 3 small stores) and from a few select southern states.

    I have never felt as healthy, vibrant and alive in my entire life. For being almost 40, it is almost like I have turned back the clock. I feel like I'm 25 again.

    I can with certainty say that if the places that sell us our food took out of the equation 85% of the sh!t they have on the shelves, the human race would be in fantastic shape mentally and physically. I am done paying for sustenance that will only kill you and make your life miserable.

    Sorry to the original post maker for maybe getting off your topic.
    Back to the water jugs!

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