Water meter reader dude tears up lawn

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Aug 16, 2006.

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    We started mowing this morning at a 5 home drop. Blocking a cudisac is an Atlas moving van as they are loading up furnature at one home. Im mowing on this yard rite next to the moving van and this yard is pritty wet, but no one is home so I figure I will contact them later tonight and tell them to cut back on the water. All of a sudden this water meter guy stops in front of the moving van and I can tell he wants to get to the only home on the cudisac and instead of getting out and walking 50 feet, he actually drives rite across my customers yard leaving two deep ruts. I stop and then walk over to his truck and let him know that he just damaged my customers yard and he remarks "send the bill to Atlas". I felt like beating his XXX, but decided to call his employer. Well after being on hold for a few I realized it was petty and went back to work. Before I finished, the home owner came home so I aproched her and asked her to cut down on the water to her lawn as it is always too wet. I then informed her that the meter guy drove across her yard and my whole encounter with him. She went and inspected the damage and told me that her husband is a lawyer and he always gets good results, she will have him take care of this. Looks like I will be repairing her lawn for about $100 or so at the water companys expence. :laugh: :laugh:
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    ha ha ha--sweet
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    This is probably not the first time the meter reader guy has pulled something like this. Wouldn't surprise me if some other person has come home from work or the grocery store to find ruts in the yard.

    For a stunt like he pulled because of the moving van I hope the lawyer gets the cost of repairs and the meter reader gets his Axx chewed out.

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    For $100, the ruts must have not been much damage.
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    My Full time job is in the utility industy and I have about 18 guys that work under me and if it would have been one of them I would schedule the day of repair with you and give you some free labor along with paying your bill. There is no excuse for being LAZY and that is all this was. BTW I would charge a bit more to make the point $100 will not phase them JMO

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