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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by dwc, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. dwc

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    I bought a new house last year and am getting ready to install a new system in my lawn. My town will install a 2nd meter for $300 that is a dedicated meter with no sewage charges.

    My question is, what size meter would you have installed if you could choose. My lawn is around 6K feet. Our water pressure in my neighborhood isn't the best but adequate for a system. (all my neighbors have systems) I am thinking 3/4" then run 1" mainline but wanted to ask you guys that do this all day.

    I am mostly mow and weed control but have worked on a few systems and would like to get more into irrigation and thought mine would be a good place for my first install.

  2. Waterit

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    We always want MORE water at HIGHER pressure, so go for a 1-inch if possible. You'll usually get almost 2x the flow, pressure should be the same.

    And getting a 2nd (dedicated) meter shows you're already starting to think like an irrigator.
  3. dwc

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    I checked and under 1" is now $350 and 1" is $550. Is it worth the extra $200? I know my flow at my hose bib on the house is horrible. Some of that comes from going all thru the house piping plus water softner.
  4. Toy2

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    Pay for the bigger one, 1''........you won't regret it.
  5. frumdig

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    how effective is a 1" meter going to be over a 5/8"?? most properties are plumbed for 5/8's meters, so is a 1" meter going to be all that effective when the service line is plumbed with 3/4 copper or whatever smaller size it may be? i know you wont have as much pressure loss, but are you really going to get more flow??? typically they just T in right before your current meter, so the piping may limit you... obviously houses plumbed with a large enough service line, your going to get the flow, but that could mean the decission of paying the extra $$$

  6. Tom Tom

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    you ought to save $200 in system material cost going to the 1"

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    1" at 550 is a steal. I paid 750 for a 1" at my house and would do it ten times again. I let the puny 5/8" take care of the house. The meter is like the guts of the system. You want big ones.
  8. Wet_Boots

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    What's the size and length of the waterline, if the meters are in a basement? Since a 3/4-inch meter has a 30+ gpm rating, you won't need to max it out to cover 6000 sq ft.
  9. Waterit

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    Once again, bigger is better:weightlifter:

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    If they have 1" lines boots for a 3/4" meter I'd upgrade to a 1" meter. 30gpm through a 3/4" meter is really pushing it. One advantage to a new meter is being able to observe the tap and feeder line. You can make sure the city doesn't kink it.

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