Water Moccasins in pond.

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Ric, Jul 5, 2007.

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    I need some advice for a friend that has Water Moccasins in her pond. I have not seen the pond but know it has not been treated with anything for years if ever treated. My first advice to her was to weed control everything in and around the pound to remove any habitat that helped the Water Moccasins. I am also told that Sulfur helps to repel all snakes.

    Her Main concern is her horses drink from this Pond. She does not want to poison the pond in any way to hurt the drinking quality of the water. She would like to use this pond with her small boat.

    BTW I have contacted the County Extension Agent about this problem with little success so far. The Agent has send requests for help to our State Land Grant University with no results so far.

    I am sure there has got to be a way to either trap, repel or kill these creatures. However Gators continue to be a problem in the city residential ponds in my area. Snakes are becoming less a problem due to Fire Ants that eat their eggs. However Water Moccasins give live birth and no eggs.

    BTW This is for a friend and I am just trying to help her out, not make money on the deal.
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    That's a tough one. You can't dose the pond with sulfur like you said because of the horses. Let me contact a few people on that one. If anyone would know how to handle this unique situation, they would. Be patient with me. It might take me awhile to track them down. I'll let you know what they recommend.
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    I would love to hear of a good safe way. We fish our pond often.. no horses or cows down there but there are snakes. We try to keep the sides where we use often (only 140 yards of shoreline or so) trimmed and mowed well. As of now the only way we know to keep the snakes down is a 410 shotgun. Its a smaller shot and not as loud but will definatly take out a snake. 2 years ago we lost a lab due to snake bite. We could not find her and then found her 4 days later with a clear snake bite on her side... not sure if it was a mocc or a rattler.

    There is some product called snake a way at the co op. Not sure how large her pond is but its cost prohibative to use around our 4 acre pond. I did put sulphur around the pier area.
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    I'd say there is not a thing you can do about this.
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    Pro Scape

    What you need to understand about Sulfur is, it is very hard to keep in suspension. Therefore putting it into the water causes it to sink to the bottom. It is the Copper in Copper Sulfate that kills algae. Sulfur shouldn't hurt the drinking water once it settles to the bottom. Copper being a heavy metal will cause trouble in high PPM in the water but at 2 lb per acre foot rate to kill algae it is relatively safe.

    Moccasins are known to be great climbers and can be often seen on limbs over hanging water. But for the most part the live in water and give live birth in water. My thinking goes to a Oil type substances that lays on top of the water and causes some kind of discomfort so the snakes leave. What that might be is the question. Certainly Diesel fuel or gasoline would chase them. But I want to protect the environment also and not get a big fine etc.

    BTW I have a 410 Derringer and there is nothing quite about that gun and its short barrel. But a great snake gun for fishing.


    You just might be right for once in your life.
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    How about introducing a few Mongooses. lol
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    We got a 410 long barrel with a breakable breech... its not that loud...Great snake gun because you dont have to be deadly accurate.

    I have not seen a mocc yet this year down there... just a few smaller black snakes. We dont go on the shore much on the far side... kinda mucky and heavily wooded... since Katrina too many trees down over there.
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  9. Rob.C

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    I will tell u how to deal with this , I have done this twice, but be extremely careful. Go to a bait shop and get a one way minnow bucket, basicaly the window you press on opens so u can get the minnows out will close when u take your hand out. get (2) dozen large shiners put them in the minnow bucket, the snake will crawl in to get the minnows but can not crawl out. A piece of advice, do not try to get the snake out, if u have to take a pole double up the rope & and slide it through the pole and make a noose get the snake out in open land and shoot it. If for some reason the snakes dont go into the minnow bucket, you will have to take the glass door off put shinners in the bucket for a few days to get the snakes use to going into the bucket , then replace the window and you will catch them. I got rid of 25 moccasins this way. I can tell u that a water moccassin is only going to bite a horse if it is stepped on.
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    Rob C

    Thanks, I think this one of the type of answers I was looking for.

    Best answer I have gotten so far. However the Minnow Bucket I use for applying Copper Sulfate floats in such a way that the one way door is on top out of the water. BTW I got tired of using Burlap and the Minnow Bucket works great and is reusable easy with Copper Sulfate. I still have to tow it to disperse the Copper Sulfate.

    I think a minnow trap with a funnel entry might work better. I am sure I would have to widen the mouth. I see tree frogs as a good bait also since they are easy to catch right out side my house. Just leave the lights on to draw insects and the frogs are all over the walls by the lights at night.

    BTW With a 10 ft schedule 80 PVC 1 inch pipe I have held off many a gator. By cutting a V groove at my end, I can clamp the rope in to hold tight with out tying the rope. Also this gives me a quick release.

    PS Since Moccasins hunt mostly at night this type of trap should work good as you said.

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