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Alright another question for you guys. Im getting ready to start job were we are moving all the dirt off of a previsously uncertifed pad then putting all the dirt back and recompacting. My question is i know water is a key ingredient for proper compaction. There is a graden hose near the site but I dont think it is enough. I have a 525g polytank laying around and im considering hooking up a gas honda water pump to it with a firehose and fog nozzle. Do you think this is over kill or will the garden hose suffice. Sorry for the dumb questions just want to make sure im prepared.

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A lawn sprinker will do what you need you don't want mud or too much water or you end up washing the fines out of the gravel/dirt.

Add too much water then your waiting for half a day to let it dry up.

If you wanted to go to the extreme put the tank on the back of a truck make a gravity spray bar out of a piece of 3/4 inch pvc pipe.

Use anything that isn't going to create puddles.


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it doesn't take much water to make it too soupy. Water is only for lubrication when compacting. You don't need too much. I watch our county guys use entirely too much water every time they build a road and they end up pumping the materials up and down and ruining their mix.

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