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    From that website


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    The WaterOptimizer

    We’ve developed the next-generation smart irrigation system that uses only the water that’s needed, only when it’s needed. Doing so saves on the cost of irrigation, conserves water and still ensures landscaping remains beautiful.

    Irrigation can use 50 – 75 percent of water for a home or business. The WaterOptimizer can save up to 70 percent of that water and all of the costs that go with it.
    It's about time!

    Designed by water conservation professionals, the WaterOptimizer is a smart system that allows utilities better control of water resource use. It allows homes or business owners to use the water they need, but no more.

    The Water Optimizer is designed for use by regional water utilities and individual homeowners. It uses custom designed software to monitor conditions in the water distribution system. A seamless blend of new and tested technologies ensures the system works whether someone is home or not. These technologies enable utilities to manage heavy water users, reduce peak water requirements and delay the development of costly alternatives.

    For Water Managers: The WaterOptimizer allows water managers to reduce peaks and manage community supplies, while it provides users all the water they need for landscape maintenance.

    Residents and Businesses: The WaterOptimizer connects to residential irrigation systems, replacing existing controllers. Although connection is voluntary, local water utilities can then manage the system by allowing individual systems to operate, or by redirecting irrigation to times when there is less demand. Regardless of the user, the WaterOptimizer protects system water pressure and provides the resources where it’s needed. When it’s not needed, it’s saved for another day. "

    Big Brother is controlling your sprinkler system!
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    Jimmy, nope.

    It looks just like a central control no clock. Don't see anything about actual ET / Smart functions, or anything to do with what influences the H2O requirements of a landscape.

    Is it sold in Home Depot?
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    This controller sounds to me like something the manufacturer is selling a developer and/or a municipality on the idea of saving water by mandating that their proprietary technology be used.

    This from the Utilities Page on their website

    "Pressure Monitoring

    Another great feature is the ability to monitor and therefore manage pressure. Finally, a fully integrated system that increases water use efficiency, while reducing peaks and still lets customers water their lawns!

    * Irrigation interruption during emergencies
    * Manage irrigation during peak use period.
    * Potential reduction in waterline size for Fire Flow demand

    Reclaimed Water

    Whether you are tying to manage potable or reclaimed water, the WaterOptimizer® gives you the flexibility to really manage the product—in wet or dry seasons.

    The force on feature allows reclaimed water managers to distribute product even when it’s wet. Distributing product allows you to reduce costly storage and management expenses.
    Fire Support/Emergency Response

    One other thing. The WaterOptimizer® technology offers plug-in support that provides local alarms in an emergency (hurricane, fire, evacuation)…something great for multipurpose uses.

    * Improve flow and pressure during times of emergency
    * Capability to sound alarm during emergency"

    It allows a gray water purveyor to override the controller during a rain off event and "Force" your system to run to get rid of the water so they do not have to store it. This product is obviously intended for the southeast and southwest parts of the US where water availability and delivery is a problem.

    It's an interesting concept. I would like to know if they have been successful in getting these into any communities.
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    My take, show me the price. I own 2 homes. Up north water is cheap...Down in Katy Tx, water is a freaking joke.
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    We have installed and are maintaining several of these systems in Central Florida. It's a great method to manage water use for clients, we've achieved nearly 60% reduction for some properties and others have obtained substantial savings. The overall impact on the health of the landscape has improved with additional savings obtained and reduced impact on the environment.

    Clear Water PSI is expanding efforts to establish this system in the area. I'm definitely hooked.

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