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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Richie1, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Richie1

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    I just tested the water pressure at my sprinkler main using a Watts test gauge. It showed 64 PSI. I haven't tested the GPM, but do you think the PSI is to high? Also, when I install my Watts PVB, will it affect my PSI reading? Thanks.
  2. Wet_Boots

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    Sure it will affect the reading. You lose about 5 psi with a PVB.
  3. Mjtrole

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    The 64 psi reminds me of a service call i did 10+ years ago. I goto this ladies house and the city pressure coming into her house was around 70psi, before the city switched her over to a new service she must have had a pump on her old system. Well anyway the irrigation guy that did the switch over said to her that since she had the pump, there was no use wasting it and piped it in giving her almost 100psi. Everything had to be double gear clamped to not leak, I tried talking her into disconnecting but she wouldn't do it, poor maxi paws only probably lasted two seasons at a time.

    Sorry for the thread hijack
  4. Richie1

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    Funny thing is that the lady most likely thought you were the one trying to scam her. I'm sure somewhere down the line she'll regret not trusting you. Something has to let go sooner or later with that much PSI.
  5. alf51175

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    Nearly anywhere you go in my area the pressure is in the 100 to 200 lb range and has to be throttled down with a regulator, sometimes 2 regulators, to get it below 70. Heard of an area the other day that was 315 lbs. And the only way the guy knew was it blew the regulator in house and he had a gauge on the line that has the needle that shows the last highest pressure reading.
  6. Richie1

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    That is incredible!

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