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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jonw9, May 12, 2003.

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    I purchased a home last year. It was built in 1998 in a subdivision built on an old farm field. Now this spring I am noticing tremendous amounts of water standing in my yard. I mowed on Sat. and some places were past me ankle. I will try to describe my lot so you may help.


    144.29' side- This is where most if not all of the water comes in, especially from the drain tile the neighbor uses to divert his water to my yard.


    I am undecided between running a french drain the 144' then running a drain tile (non-perf) the 121.67' side to a pop-up and drain to the street. Do I need to make the 121' run if I put in a french drain along the back, or would it be unnecessary? The 121' drains water nicely to the road during heavy rains as it is. The slope must be good there. Could I expect a french drain ending in the back corner to flow on top of the ground to the street like it already does?

    Another option would be to build a berm of dirt to stop the flow of water, but I am sure this will only divert the water around the ends or into a neighbors lot.

    I have called the township and county, and they both said there is nothing they can do, but I could take the neighbors to court. This seems like an expensive route. Even if I get the neighbors to remove or divert their tile, the rest of their propert along that line drains into my yard.

    The big blue circles are where water tends to stand, with the blue line showing the flow of water.

    The 134.21' side is a utility easement, and contains either sewer and/or storm drains. So I cannot do anything there like drains, tiles, or trees.

    What the the best, most cost effective way to fix my lot. I am hoping that a single fix along the 144' line would prevent the pooling of water in the other areas.
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    jonw9, I hope I'm wrong, but even though you've given a detailed problem description + diagram and pictures, I don't think many people on this site could take a gander.

    I think that instead of a landscaper, you need a civil engineer, and you'll probably need to hire him/her to come out and have a look. Maybe the conclusion will be something you can do yourself, or maybe you'll need the engineer to draft something that you'll have a contractor do.

    You could also try posting your same question on the Usenet sci.engr.civil forum:

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