water proof adhesive??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, May 1, 2004.

  1. fga

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    I'm looking for a strong water proof adhesive to glue a pond liner. I have a small pre molded pond on top of a small hill. I trimmed a a section of the top off so the water would overun there, flowing down into a larger pond. i have the liner betwwen them with rocks and it flows nice, but whatever glue i use to attatch the the liner to the trimmed lip, water still seeps through and loosens the liner. any ideas?

    I know this belongs in the pond forum, but that's a lonely forum. Maybe I'll get some replies before you boot me over there. Great pics in that forum by the way, gives me lots of ideas.
  2. RTallday

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    PL Premium is what i use for some masonry applications, and im 99% sure thats waterproff. Great stuff, just dont ever get it on your skin.

  3. lawnman_scott

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    go to a pool store. They make something, i dont know what it is.
  4. Kevin7

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    There's a couple of things I think will work. First you could use epoxy. I don't know how much adhesive you will need but I know it woll work. Second there is a type of glue called seal all that is also available at Walmart, and for a glue that stuff is amazing but both of these only come in small containers. Hope it helps you...
  5. NickN

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    Why not bolt the liner to the pre formed lip and use silicone to seal it?
    1.Install liner under lip.
    2.Use a flat piece of steel with holes pre drilled to secure the liner to the lip.
    3.Before installing liner to the lip,squeeze some silicone onto the liner.Put liner in place,use steel backing.Put bolts through the lip,liner,and steel plate and tighten.
  6. ratherbeboating

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    DAP 5200 sticks to everything, it's for underwater applications. I've used it many many many times. works great.
  7. fga

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    I like the bolt idea, but to get it flow over, i had to cut a thin "half moon" shape out of the side, there is no more top lip.

    Thanks guys, I have a nice list of glues to try out!!

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