Water run-off & Subdivision sign. Ideas please

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by carcrz, Jul 6, 2007.

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    A friend of the family called the other day & had a water problem. She has a house on a corner lot of a subdivision. There is a brick/wood sign there w/ the subs name there. The house is about 15 years old now & the area where the sign is has settled about 2 feet. The sidewalk has not settled at all, nor has the area near the house. Basically when it rains, it creates a pond for a couple days. All of the plants have a shallow root system because they don't need to search for water as it is always damp at the very least.

    This morning I did a minor repair & added 5 yards of topsoil to the area to try to bring the dirt up as much as possible. The problem is that the wood on the sign is below the sidewalk so no matter how much dirt we add it will always be a little lower in that area. I'll try to get pics if needed. Thanks for your ideas, I'm running on empty.
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    I think you need a pic - worth a thousand words ....
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    Sorry. I think we got it figured out for the time being. We'll see after this rain we're supposed to get this week. We brought the dirt up to the bottom of the wood & tried to slope it away just a little so hopefully it doesn't pool up too much like it did before.
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    if that doesnt work try making it a dry well dig down say 4 or 5 feet put in clear stone to 12 below grade then add landscape then topsoil yea it doesnt fully get rid of the water but at least it wont be sitting on the surface
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    Of course the money is an issue, go figure.

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