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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by labrador2, Mar 13, 2010.

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    A customer last fall had some sod laid next to there drive.On the side that the drive is pitched towards. The soil that is under the sod is washing away.I am guessing since the sod was put in late last fall the roots never took hold. The customer would like the low areas fixed. besides replacing the soil is there anything else that could be done to stop this from reacurring. THANK YOU
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    without seeing a picture, I'd pull up a strip of sod, lay in a drainage trench of some sort right next to the driveway to lead the water away, and then relay sod next to the drain trench.

    There is also the possibility of putting in some sort of curb to direct the water away before it hits the sod.
  3. hoskm01

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    Could there be a problem with the irrigation? Is there irrigation?

    If so, adjust the watering. No matter the age of the sod, if you are getting runoff, it is being watered improperly.
  4. labrador2

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    there is no irrigation. the yard is on a pretty good slope. the drain tile sounds like a good idea,maybe tie in the downspout with the tile?
  5. AGLA

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    Take a really close look at the edge of the driveway where it meets the sod. If the driveway is designed to continually shed water off to the shoulder, it is possible that the new sod and/or grading is keeping the water on the driveway and causing it to run along the edge and increase in volume until it gets to a point where it all goes off the edge in one place.

    Erosion is caused by volume and speed of water. If you can keep it running off without building up, you'll be keeping the volume down. The flatter the grade, the less the speed.

    Another approach is to try to keep all the water on the driveway by berming the edge, using some kind of raised edge, or curbing so that you can get all of the water to the lowest elevation where you can provide a place for it to go. That can be a catch basin or a stone swale that won't wash away.

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