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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JimLewis, Nov 11, 2007.

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    I am doing a big job in Phoenix this week. Part of the jobs is installing an irrigation system. I am sure the watering schedules for this area are similar to any of you guys in the AZ, NM, TX area.

    The turfgrass (hybrid burmuda 'Tif419') areas will be rotors (RB 5004 Plus PRS) and the plants and trees will be drip emitters.

    Any suggestions for irrigating times? I'd like to know suggested times for during the summer months AND during the winter months. Also, do I need to water the turfgrass more frequently in the beginning since the sod will be brand new?

    Burmuda is just starting to go dormant in this area, and the sod we're laying down will already be overseeded with perennial rye


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    Jim if you have time this week maybe we could meet, where is your job site? give me a call at 602-750-0574

    As far as schedule times go in general water the drip plants about 40 min every other day unless you are on the side of a mountain. Also depends on where you get your plants from some nurseries around here use such a light potting mix you need to water daily others still have some clay in the mix and can go longer.

    The sod I am assuming will be over seeded. Probably a couple of start times 7-10 min each every day for the first week. Then once a day bumping the water time up the next week and so on.

    We are still in the mid 80's this week with lows in the high 50's at night. Last week we were in the low to mid 90's. This time of year you just have to stay on top of things the weather changes so quickly.

    We also have a few different soil types that change things a little. Hope to hear from you.
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    Gardners got it right. I assume you decided to go with seperate tree and plant zones Jim. Keep the trees VERY infrequent for the rest of the year until summer, once a week tops, and deep. At least 3 start times for the first week for the sod.

    Tell the friends that next year, theyll want to make the water deeper and more infrequent once the plants are established, beginning early summer or so.

    How goes the project thus far? I might come stop by tomorrow to peep it out.

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