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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 1idejim, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. 1idejim

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    right off the bat i'm telling you guys that i'm only guilty of telling my friend to install a check valve in this system......

    my buddy carl has incorporated the waste water from their water softener for his drip system (trees only)

    the softener flushes about 100 gals. in 24 hrs., he has about 15 trees on 1 valve, the softener t's in just above the last 5 trees.

    he didn't compensate for this additional water at the clock.

    he's had mixed results with the tree growth, but he also hardpan issues along with a 20' elevation change in about 500lf.

    his idea is fine, i like the concept and i haven't seen the place in 18mos so i'm not up to speed. he just told me that some of the trees we not doing well and asked me to swing by when i get a chance.

    can you suggest anything i should look for?

    i'm asking for opinions
  2. Wet_Boots

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    check the blinker fluid
  3. Mike Leary

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    Check the dimwit valve, it prolly is plugged up with crap from not using a proper self-flushing filter and using incorrect dishwashing soap + not cleaning the sink drainers. Water softeners are deadly for any living thing. :hammerhead:
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  4. Inspired

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    Look for salt burn? I don't have any experience with water softeners, so I'm just guessing.
  5. American Irrig. Repair

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    Please tell me this thread is a joke.
  6. Mike Leary

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    I sure as hell hope so. :dizzy:
  7. mitchgo

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    Hard water tasting apples.. Yummm
  8. ARGOS

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    There are a lot of alternatives to "salt based" water softners. I see them a lot. They require about 80-100 gallons of flushing per day.
  9. Jason Rose

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    I wonder if the OP is talking about a reverse osmosis system, not a water softener? I can't see that salt water would be too good for anything... R/O filters definately produce a lot of waste water, and some of the more wealthy have large systems to treat all the water used in ther home... That would make for a lot of waste water that could be used in the landscape...
  10. 1idejim

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    sorry guys, it is not salt and is located at the well.

    it is an r/o system

    there is no taste or contamination to the water from the information that has been relayed to me and the manufacture told carl that the waste was potable water.

    i'm wondering if the problems he's having would be due to over watering the trees, since he hasn't compensated for the extra 100 gal a day in his system?

    i fessed my guilt right up front

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