Water Soluable Nitrogen


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There has always been a lot of talk about, soluable N, going to waste, due to leaching and/or evaporating.

As I see it, when the fertilizer, is broken down, the N molecules, are going to either:
1) be taken up by the plant,
2) adhere to an exchange site,
3) continue washing through the soil, past the rootzone, along with the water,
4) evaporate with the water.

Those 4 possibilities, make sense to me - but - how about, bacteria,fungi, etc.?
Can some of this N be captured by Microbes and held in the rootzone that way?

Does the N molecule just hang out in limbo, after the water is gone, without really binding to anything, in the soil? Seems unlikely, but I don't know.
Will adding material with Exchange sites help keep N in the rootzone?

Any insight would be helpful towards a better program.


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No one tells a client, what is happening to their water and fert, when they put it down?
We are just adding more N if the schedule says so?
Is this all about being TGCL, wannabees?

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