waterfall into natural lake???

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by jasonlandscape, May 20, 2008.

  1. jasonlandscape

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    from Georgia
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    Is there anyone that has built a waterfall/stream into a natural lake?
    anyone have pics of one? i personally think that would be pretty sweet.

    what kinda pump/filter's would you use and i'm guessing you would stil want to use liner right?
  2. LTL

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    from Tulsa
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    I have built a stream into a natural pond. Sorry I dont. have a pic of it. We made a wetland filtration system for the pump/filter. We built a dam on the edge of the pond and then constructed our filter the same way you would a pondless basin. When the liner, pump, and all the rock and gravel is in place, we collapsed the dam we had built.
  3. BrandonV

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    its its not the owner's lake be wary, we had some clients that wanted to do that but the power company that owned the lake didn't approve.
  4. genesgreen

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    I don't see why this couldn't be done. You have a line running into the lake pulling out water to pump into the stream/waterfall which will flow back into the lake. Never done it but definitely seems doable. May want to be discreet about the fact you're pulling water from the lake because there may be regulations about that.
  5. TPendagast

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    actually i do this kind of work all the time. We have akot of natural ponds and waterways up here, basically you just build the fall/stream the way you would normally set the intake to the pump in the natural pond/lake as you would and irrigation system and circulate the water from the existing natural water source.
    The way we do ours, is: we make it seem as if the homeowners stream is feeding into the existing lake.

    you don't need or use a skimmer, the natrual lake is existing, up here IVe done a few and planning on doing one here shortly. Payette lake is something like7 miles long.
  6. Toker

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    Up on north shore on Lake Superior they do this all the time too - huge pumps push it back up and it looks just like the streams and rivers they have flowing into the lake. First one I ever saw I would have swore it was natural - only negative IMO is the mortgage one will have with the electric company. Those pumps need to be BIG.

    I'm headed up later this week - if I can find that one I'll snap some pics. By far it was the coolest falls I've ever seen created. I bet it cost several hundred thousand to do too, but the home and lot probably worth 6.5-7 million even in todays soft market so it was a drop in the lake if ya will.

    My question - where do they grow that kinda money. I need some of that seed :)

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