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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by jax, Mar 10, 2007.

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    I have a question (actually many) about the feasibility of building (DIY) a waterfall and pond in the area pictured below. Hopefully you can read the dimensions and estimating about 3' deep. My initial thought is to have two 8wide shoulders stairsteped 8" to anchor the liner. This would only give me around 23" wide chanel, If need be I could get another 16" by sawing it off the patio as chalk marked. I am retired so I have the time but this would be my first attempt at a project like this and my skills, plumbing - electrical, are basic at best. I would appreciate any feedback you might have.


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    That is a tough area to build a WF. The problem is all of the glass on the left. You would need to build up for the waterfall and in doing so you would most likely end up covering one of the panes.I would just dig the whole area out and make a nice little pond w/ maybe a fountain or one of those frogs that spit water. You may be able to do a small WF, but is that the desired effect? or do you want something a little more grand?

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    you'd never be able to hit 3' depth in that area unless you did a Koi pond style build with vertical walls, not steps. You could maybe get away with a small 12" waterfall but it would be extremely difficult to make it look good with those windows there. If you're set on a WF there I would skip the falls and just use an aerator or mini fountain.

    Out here if it is >24" deep it is considered a pool and needs a fence around it (unless the area is fenced in itself.) I have no idea about CA, but I would guess they have something similar on the books.
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    I just got your email. I tried to PM you, but you're not set up to accept them. Check your email. I left my number for you in my message. Instead of giving you a short answer here, I'll be able to more accurately answer those questions on the phone. Talk to you then.
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    Having gone to school on the many posts in this forum and an acqascape micropond kit here are the results





  7. lawnMaster5000

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    looks to me like you did a pretty good job making that work into a very difficult space.

    Nice job
  8. ashs inc

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    man very cool waterfall how long did it take you. how much did it cost?
  9. BSDeality

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    nice install for the space provided!. The sound must really echo under that roof. Are you planning on any fish?

    The only small problem might be a slight dead spot in the "L" section by the window with the red flower. Ideally the skimmer should have been in there so it would draw the water around the corner. Right now the skimmer will pull the water from the falls and circulate that leaving the "L" section almost stagnant. The pump might be able to draw it out of the corner if it's large enough.
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    Looks nice :)

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